A Little About Us

Equilibrium Promotions

Branding / Identity  / Logo re-Design

Equilibrium Promotions’ started out with the aim to connect industry professionals and showcase developing writers, as well as directors and actors.  We are now beginning to develop our own creative output, generating original work, re-framing modern and old classics, as well as producing and supporting work by emerging writers.


Experience Tea Shop

Zen Tea

Branding / Poster  / Packaging / Magazine

ZenTea is a tearoom brand that was founded in 2012 with the mission of empowering a healthy and leisure lifestyle through the creation of comfortable, modern, private tearooms and various tea products on the market. We blend brand message with visual language and brand commitment to create a modern unity to express a fresh and leisure tea consuming style, as the audience desires.


More Clean More Orignal

Blue Crush

Package Design / Branding / Products / Poster / Advertising

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